Amiibo: the Hidden Metagame


Since the release of Super Smash Bros. Melee in 2001, the Smash Bros. series has continuously been a source of exciting and interesting video game competitions. Players who originally won their titles in dark and dusty basements are now playing in front of thousands of fans. Discussions about strategy, rulesets and techniques have been ongoing for years, adding layer upon layer to the competitive Smash Bros scene.

But curiously, the most unique and interesting version of Smash Bros is also the hardest one to find: amiibo tournaments. Save for a little under a hundred players worldwide (there are literally dozens of us!), no one has bothered to consider the potential that amiibo hold. Most of the “amiibo crowd” is dispersed across threadbare Discord servers and long-dead Smashboards threads.

It shouldn’t be this way. The amiibo metagame itself is an incredibly detailed and deep, and with every passing day more and more of it is discovered. With 58 characters, dozens of stages and the choice to use equipment, custom moves and bonus effects (colloquially referred to as the “customs” metagame) or not, there is a tremendous amount of possibility in each tournament.

The goal of this page, Amiibo Doctor, is to discover more of the intricacies that amiibo hold, and to help you train your amiibo to be even better than they were before. We’re going to diagnose some common questions, implant some new techniques and at one point we’ll even do a brain transplant. Yes, you ready that correctly. I recently discovered how to perform the amiibo equivalent of a brain transplant.

Stay tuned to this page. Doctor’s orders.

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