We Don’t Know How Much About Amiibo that We Don’t Know- But it’s Probably a Lot

If you’ve spent a bit of time hanging around the last corners of the web in which amiibo is still a topic of discussion, you’ll notice an all too common problem for online communities. There’s a select group of people who are absolutely certain their opinions are correct. And to an extent, they have a reason to believe that: after all, amiibo training and competitions have been going on since the release of Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. Surely after three years we would collectively have a pretty solid grasp on the abilities of amiibo, right? So it’s not unreasonable for someone to assume their knowledge about $13 plastic toys is complete.

Except that nobody’s knowledge about amiibo training is complete, or anywhere near complete. After all these years and all these tournaments, the tier list is still shifting around. New loadouts are being tested for previously unviable amiibo, and new training methods are being developed. Tiny nuances have been discovered as well: the head honcho of Cloud Nine, the other amiibo website, just found out that the Improved Launch Ability bonus significantly improves the damage output of the amiibo assigned to it.

In fact, a MASSIVE discovery was made last week for amiibo training. Someone figured out (still working on finding out who), using a defunct version of the Android app Tagmo, how to take the training that an amiibo has received and put it in a different character. If I understand correctly, this means that you will basically have the same amiibo in a different body. By taking a Shulk who uses his Down Special all the time and putting him in a Bowser, you would get a Bowser who uses his Down Special all the time.

While the amiibo community is still tinkering and researching the possible combinations that would be beneficial (well, part of the amiibo community; it seems the rest of them are complaining that this discovery is “overhyped”), one thing is for certain. We don’t know the limits of this new method of amiibo training. It could be the future. It could be useless. We don’t know how much about amiibo that we don’t know- but it’s probably a lot.

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