If I haven’t said it already, this website, Amiibo Doctor, focuses primarily on vanilla amiibo. While the reasons for that are myriad, I do make it a priority to keep an eye on what is coming ahead.

Today, Nintendo posted the official Super Smash Bros. blog’s daily update, which revealed some information about the Mii Fighters’ return. It would appear that Mii Fighters will no longer have custom moves, but that isn’t certain. This is what the English website says:

mii english

Notice that it says “a set of three specials for each type”. If you’re not reading carefully, you might think that it’s talking about each special move having three total choices, as was the case in Smash 4. But notice the word, coincidentally bolded for you, set. Choosing from a bunch of special moves is different than choosing from a set of three special moves: by choosing from a set of three special moves, it makes it sound like you are selecting what other games call a loadout of special moves, instead of having many single options.

Some people are pointing to the French version, which has different translated wording, to rebutt this possibility.

mii french

In French, it states that each Mii has three variants for each special move. You would think that having that statement would preclude the possibility of selecting a loadout, right?

Not exactly. If each Mii fighter had three loadouts to choose from (meaning all of his special moves from Smash 4 were carried over but grouped together as a loadout), then technically each Mii fighter would still have three variants for each of his special attacks. Those variants would just be grouped together as part of a loadout option, instead of being able to pick and choose individual custom moves.

If we zoom out for a moment, we see an interesting question that needs to be raised. Why would the Mii fighters have to choose from loadouts if they had custom moves? After all, if you could pick and choose individual custom special moves you wouldn’t need to be confined to the loadout choice. Yet it seems reasonable to conclude that, because of the presence of loadouts, choosing individual custom moves won’t exist anymore.

This means a few possibilities:

  1. Customs are being replaced by loadouts for all characters, so custom moves sorta return (this is somewhat possible)
  2. Mii fighters are the only characters that can have a custom move choice, and loadouts are the replacement for customs (this seems the most likely)
  3. All of this speculation is wrong and customs will return as they were before

Let’s talk about possibility 2 for a second. In a GameXplain interview with Bill Trinen and Nate Bihldorff, Nate discusses playing Palutena. He talks about how in Smash 4, he could never play Palutena because he was paralyzed by the choices he had to make, but with Ultimate he can now play Palutena because the choices “have been taken away from me.”

Click to 26:28 in the video, the actual line is at 26:38

It seems that, by the options being “taken away from” Nate, possibility 3 is absolutely wrong, and possibility 1 is probably wrong. This leaves possibility 2: the Mii fighters are the only characters that get to choose their moveset. This would make the most sense, as the Mii fighters are intended to be the customizable fighter (pun very intended) and removing custom moves for everyone but them would be unfair. However, the developers also wouldn’t want to go through the process of making 12 moves for 66 confirmed characters (792 moves total). Ultimate is already shaping up to be a massive game, and eight hundred moves would put undue burden on the development team.

There is a somewhat solid argument against possibility 2, though. It has been confirmed that amiibo from Smash 4 will carry over to Ultimate (I have my doubts as to how, and how effectively, that will work). If an amiibo with custom moves is scanned into Ultimate, what would happen? This theoretical situation doesn’t specifically negate any of the possibilities, as Ultimate could just ignore or reset the custom move data on the amiibo itself.

Again, none of this could be correct. Everything I’ve written here could change or be patched at some point. But if both Nate and the Smash blog are properly articulating their information, then we may be looking at a vanilla-only amiibo metagame.

That would be awesome.

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