Don’t worry about competition, worry about enjoying the amiibo

Amiibo aren’t really like any other competition in the modern age. In most sports and eSports, we have people practicing like it’s a full-time job, and for some it is. These competitors have stadiums full of thousands of people watching them, and even the slightest hint of natural talent or learned ability can sway the outcome of a match. To this end, the most successful players, in both sports and eSports, spend years playing before they hit the “big-time”.

But unlike competitive games, your skill level doesn’t affect your success with amiibo. How well you train your amiibo doesn’t have that much of an impact on its abilities: it takes a thousand matches to get noticeably better than an amiibo that only has hundreds under its belt. If there were an amiibo that had ten thousand matches, it would probably be better than ones with a thousand matches, but at what cost? It would take hundreds of hours to get to that point, and it would all be for winning a few tournaments. The time you spend in this has severely diminishing returns.

So don’t fret about competitions. Enter them when you feel like it, but don’t get hung up on the results. Amiibo are largely random number generation, in the long run. It doesn’t matter much anyway.

Just sit back and watch the show.

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