8.8.2018 Nintendo Direct: the Ultimate MP3 player

If you can, stomach the thought of reading Polygon, here is the currently updating list of everything announced.

There was nothing specifically announced for amiibo in the Direct except for the addition of five new characters. You may recognize some of these from ‘leaks’, especially the Verbegen leak.

  • Simon Belmont
  • Richter Belmont (an echo of Simon)
  • King K. Rool
  • Dark Samus (an echo of Samus)
  • Chrom (an echo of… Roy? A few of his attacks are similar to Ike)
  • President Donald Trump

I’m kidding about that last one, obviously. That’s why we have Mii Fighters.

If you count echo fighters as individual options, and you should, that brings us up to 73 total fighters for the game, if you count Mii Fighters as individuals and the three Pokemon from Pokemon Trainer as individuals. At this point, given the large universal changes and the many, many character balance changes, let me again make a point clear.

We have no idea what the amiibo metagame is going to look like. Even if customs are removed and the only option is for vanilla fighting (cross your fingers), there is no reason to believe that one character is going to be better than any others. If somebody chews your ear off about so-and-so being better, make a mental note that that person is full of crap. My opinions are speculation. Your opinions are speculation. Nobody knows anything, and the people who say they do tend to know the least. That means you.

Over the next few days, I’m going to go back through and watch the Direct again. I’ll be keeping an eye on what top players have to say about it (Mew2King’s Twitch channel is particularly helpful). If we’re lucky, this could be the rejuvenation that the amiibo ‘community’ needs.


By the way, most of the posts on the Amiibo Doctor are written and scheduled far ahead of time. Obviously this one is an exception, but if new information comes out at the same time that a post about amiibo RNG comes out, I didn’t plan it.

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