What we know about amiibo in Ultimate so far

Screw speculation! Let’s get down to business.

Obviously we don’t know much so far. We have the below image, and a few nuggets of info:

  • All Smash series amiibo, and all amiibo of each fighter, will scan in as that fighter
  • Data from previous FPs (that’s Nintendo for previously trained amiibo) can be transferred


This image and the clip that it is taken from tells us a few things about amiibo.

First, notice the level counter in the corner, and the fact that the Mario FP levels up during battle. It’s similar to Smash 4 in that regard. While we don’t know if they will maintain their attack and defense bonuses as they level up, we do know that they level up.

Second, go to the clip and examine how the Mario behaves. While three seconds isn’t enough to determine much of anything, he clearly doesn’t seem to be as active in the battle as the human players. This makes sense, as he’s clearly a new amiibo. His movement patterns are familiar to a person who has trained several Mario amiibo.

That being said, his recovery isn’t. Most Mario amiibo that I’ve known wouldn’t just jump directly onto the stage, especially not when they have an opponent immediately in front of them. Instead, the Mario would use his Super Jump Punch to both recover and get the hit. This suggests to me (I’m not certain) that the AI may be somewhat different this time around. It’s also possible that because of the very large ledge-grabbing changes, amiibo will recover differently as well.

Aside from how they handle in-game, there’s some other amiibo news as well. It’s not surprising in the slightest, but the information is still noteworthy: all characters represented in Ultimate will have an accompanying amiibo. You knew this was coming.


As more information comes out about amiibo (assuming something comes out before release at all), I will copy and paste this post and add new information to the end. We’ll be keeping an eye out.

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