Update: We’ll be coming back

We’re a little bit over three weeks until Ultimate’s release, and we now have more information to write about until then. I can’t stop brainstorming topics for new posts whenever I’m not focused on something specific, and I think it’s about time we rebooted this blog.

I don’t have any specific timelines for new posts, as the semester is coming to a close. For the most part, I’ll continue to try posting on Tuesdays, but don’t expect much consistency for a while. Sometimes I may have two posts: sometimes I may have none. We may discuss the metagame, or perhaps some new research that I’ve uncovered, or possibly something I can’t even think of right now. This blog is mostly up in the air right now.

We’re absolutely going to focus our attention to Ultimate exclusively at this point; like the mainstream competitive community, Smash 4 will die the second Ultimate releases. We have no reason to continue researching a metagame that will consist of only one person, so to this end I am going to go back through and remove any posts that aren’t useful to Ultimate and Ultimate’s research. I will still have the drafts, but they will no longer be visible. I want to focus this blog on Ultimate, and not on me.

A few of my regular readers sent in messages asking how I was doing shortly after the closure of the Amiibo Doctor. I’d like to say that I’m doing well, because for the most part I am. Life goes on, until it doesn’t anymore. We just have to keep going.

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