Things that happened while I was gone

It’s been about two months since I wrote up the (intended to be) final post for Amiibo Doctor, and we’ve had quite an information dump on amiibo since then. I’m writing this off the top of my head, and with new information coming out fairly rapidly some of this could be subject to change or extension.

First, some Smash series amiibo have been announced for restock. We already knew about a few of these, as you can preorder pretty much all of the announced ones at Best Buy here. Some of the announced ones aren’t up for preorder yet because they have been unofficially revealed, but the methods through which they were revealed indicates they will be up soon.

Second, we’ve had some intriguing new information on the future of custom moves and amiibo equipment, but that warrants its own post. The information seems to indicate that even under the old Smash 4 ruleset, the amiibo metagame would be completely different.

Thirdly, the Amiibo Dojo (@amiibodojo on Twitter) has come to the decision that, at least for the beginning of Ultimate’s life, amiibo competitions will be played with vanilla rulesets. My loyal readers will remember how I said that having a vanilla amiibo metagame would be absolutely awesome. I still hold to that belief, and do so quite happily.

Fourth, we’ve had the last of the characters and stages revealed to us. I’ll be rewriting my opinions on the rulesets in the near future. This is going to be a very interesting set of options to play with, and I look forward to it. I do intend to host tournaments at some point in the future (once I get some time and more Powertags), so my writing won’t just be empty opinion and rhetoric anymore.

I think that covers just about everything important! Thank you for reading.

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