Questions to answer on Day 1

Ultimate comes out December 7, which is only two weeks away. We still don’t know much about amiibo in Ultimate, although we know a little bit more thanks to the overview trailer. In order to gather as much information as quickly as possible, we need these questions answered on day 1 of Smash Ultimate’s release.

  • Do amiibo operate the same as their Smash 4 counterparts? Does Mario still prefer his down smash, is Little Mac still unable to (under normal circumstances) use his KO Punch? Does Greninja still spam his up smash?
  • Do amiibo learn the same as Smash 4? Can we employ the same training methods as we did in Smash 4 and get the same behavior?
  • How has the change to perfect shielding affected amiibo behavior? (This may be the most important question due to the prevalence of defense in Smash 4’s metagame)
  • Are amiibo still prone to jumping and using aerial attacks, or do they more closely mimic their trainer’s behavior?
  • How do Smash 4-formatted amiibo translate into Ultimate? Do they scan in at all, and if so, how do custom moves and equipment data translate? Do we have to format them again for Smash Ultimate?
  • Can we train amiibo in Ultimate and then use them in Smash 4?
  • Can amiibo be used online in any capacity? (Probably not, but I still want Amiibo For Glory).
  • It’s clear that amiibo no longer have the nominal +/-200 stat limits on their equipment. Knowing this, are their stat limits the same, but nominally different? Or has the actual effectiveness of equipment been changed?
  • What new special effects are in the game?
  • Do amiibo learn better by leveling up naturally, or through Spirits? And to that end, do they still have the level 50 limit?


For some of these questions, we can already partially intuit the answer. However, given the very limited information we’ve been given, a bit of confirmation can go a long way. To that end, as soon as I get my hands on Ultimate and am able to, (I have finals that week), I will do two things:

  1. I will take a Mario amiibo that was trained in Smash 4 and try to scan it in to Ultimate, and train it if possible
  2. I will train a Mario amiibo from the ground up the same way that I would in Smash 4 and keep track of the differences.

Once those two things happen, you can expect a post here detailing what I found.

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