Less than 24 hours: what’s going to be happening here over the next few days

gru plan template

You can plagiarize your own memes, right? I stole this one from my @amiibomd twitter account.

Japan is about 16-17 hours ahead of the United States generally (the U.S. covers four time zones) so it’s entirely possible that Thursday afternoon, digital preloaders will be able to play the game on their Switch. You’ll need an internet connection to activate it the first time, so keep that in mind when you try to play it.

I digitally predownloaded the game, too, so there’s a possibility that tomorrow afternoon I may be able to get a few hours in ahead of time. If I get that time, I’ll start on these projects:

  1. Is there an online mode for amiibo in any capacity?

2. Scan in a Mario amiibo from Smash 4 and see how he compares. I’ll be looking to see if the AI is similar or not.

3. Wipe that Mario amiibo (I digitally backed up my amiibo with Tagmo) and train him from the ground up. How similar is the training process? How long does it take?

4. Put the Smash 4 Mario on a powertag, scan in the Ultimate Mario and have them fight. Which one is better?

I doubt I’ll have enough time to do all three of these steps, but I intend on making enough progress to at least fulfill the first two points. These next three or four days are going to be hectic, but whether I get to play or not on Thursday, I’ll have some information by Sunday night.

In the meantime, the general Smash twitter will probably be buzzing with information for your consumption. If you don’t have the game yet, get it! This is going to be the can’t-miss game for 2018, that’s for certain.


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