The year is 20XX…

…and all Smash Bros competitions have died out. Every competitive player has moved to amiibo training after the collective realization that the bottom of Ultimate’s metagame has been reached and thoroughly explored. Amiibo training is the last hope for competitive Smash.

Amiibo haven’t been in production for thirty-two years due to the Scandinavian Empire’s destruction of Japan, but the scene has continued to chug on. Black market Nintendo Switches and bin files circulate through the underground tunnels and secret internet platforms of former first world countries. In some regions of Canada, Powertags are used as currency.

Spirits and vanilla tournaments still exist separately, but there’s no difference between them. The Grand Finals always come down to Link vs. Link, and usually the quarter and semifinals as well. The only exception to this is a single Olimar bin file that was rescued from an ash heap just outside of North Dakota. Players with this bin file are few and far between, but when they rear their head they quickly dominate nearby amiibo tournaments before having to flee for their lives.

On the site of the original location of the Olimar file exists a small, stained gray building adorned with oblong, colorful creatures with eyes and flowers. While seemingly nondescript, this building is the passage to the home of the most powerful society in the world: the TMachines. Part cult, part club, the TMachiners are devoted to two goals, and are willing to accomplish them at all costs. First, they wish to uncover more information about the TMac character on the Olimar file. Who was he? What did he do? How did he train an amiibo that could compete with Link?

The second goal is more achievable. The TMachiners aren’t just underground to conceal their headquarters, or to protect their resources. The TMachiners are digging for something deadly. They’re tired of being ignored by the governments of the world. They’re tired of being shunned for winning an amiibo tournament. They’re going to do something about it.


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