ASMR has concluded!

I live-commentated the matches for a lot of the day today, and now my fingers are telling me to stop typing or they’ll kill me in my sleep.

Replays will be posted soon. I have to convert them one-by-one, stitch them together according to their specific set, then upload all 23 videos individually with titles and descriptions. I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow.


Here’s the Challonge link! You’ll notice I did enter three amiibo when the rules were only 2 per trainer: I did that because I thought my Mii Swordfighter and Inkling were bad amiibo. I was right about Inkling, at least. I asked the community if they preferred that I forfeit once my amiibo hit Round 3, and it was a unanimous No so I kept my amiibo in. (Still feel a little guilty for winning my own tournament, though. Next ASMR I’m not putting any amiibo in, no matter what. Let the brackets be unbalanced.)

I learned a lot about running tournaments from ASMR, and about the ruleset that I’ve been using. There are going to be changes to it soon, so stay updated! This was my first tournament ever, and I did a lot of things wrong. ASMR 2 will be coming pretty soon!

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