Olimar will be banned in all future ASMR tournaments


The amiibo scene has discovered that the problem with Olimar doesn’t end with Spirits tournaments. See here if you don’t know what I’m talking about. In Ultimate much like Smash 4, amiibo have a natural attack and defense boosting multiplier that is automatically added as they level up. It’s the only function of levels, actually. Ultimate’s multiplier is roughly 20-25%.

However, even in vanilla Olimar’s multiplier is still incorrectly applied. He’s broken. So, without further ado, Olimar will not be allowed in any ASMR tournament until this glitch is patched.

The question remains for the competitive community: does this also affect the 1.2x multiplier for 1v1 matches? I’ve asked the question on Smashboards in the Olimar section but haven’t received any responses.


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