ASMR #2: Gladiator


ASMR #1 has concluded, and the replays can be found in this playlist! I’ve gone through and edited the ruleset page with what I think are some improvements to the ruleset and stagelist, and you can read the current ruleset in the drop-down menu on the left. These are the changes that I made:

  • Fountain of Dreams is once again allowed in the first match on hazards and hazardless
  • Learning is up to the trainer due to the fact that some amiibo perform better with it Off
  • Olimar is banned

Now that I’ve modified the ruleset and stagelist, let’s start digging into something else: the tier list. Previously the amiibo tier list has been determined over the course of many months of tournaments, and right now the prevailing method is through stat-keeping from verified tournaments on a public spreadsheet. Those methods are all very reasonable and make perfect sense.

Screw ’em.

ASMR #2 will be an eight man, single-elimination vanilla tournament. Each trainer may submit one amiibo, the amiibo that they believe has the best shot at winning the tournament. If I don’t get eight submissions, the tournament doesn’t happen. I’m not padding the bracket with my own amiibo: I was embarassed to win my own tournament last time, and that’s not happening again.

The winning trainer wins a $10 eShop gift card, as usual. Submissions must be emailed to before January 15, 2019. You have 48 hours.

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