ASMR #2 is finished!

This was a much smaller tournament than ASMR #1, and that was intentional. I didn’t want to have to pad the bracket with my own amiibo and potentially win again, so we kept it small. Here’s the link to the Challonge bracket:

Previously I have mused about banning Link from the vanilla metagame for being incredibly strong and winning every tournament. A Link even won ASMR #1… my Link. However, I’m going to sit back and wait on a ban now that we’ve seen the results of this tournament. We had two Links out of eight contenders, and neither of them made it to Finals. Meanwhile, a Ganondorf and Mii Gunner did go to Finals, and the Mii Gunner stomped the Ganondorf. After seeing this, it’s a safe bet to say we should wait for more evidence on whether to ban Link or not. I’m not completely out of that camp by any measure, but I’m keeping watch.

The first round of replays have been posted! Semifinals will go up tomorrow, and on Saturday Grand Finals goes up. Stay tuned for Grand Finals: it’s a very interesting matchup to watch.

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