The Future of Amiibo Doctor

Before anything else, watch this video. The purpose of this post is to elaborate on the announcements in this video.

Seen it? Good. Let’s go down point by point and provide more information on what I’m talking about.


  • 1-2 video producers
  • 1-2 post authors
  • 1-2 new videos and posts per month in addition to the content I’m already producing
  • Guest contributions occurring frequently

My vision for the Amiibo Doctor brand is to counterbalance the “expert” position of the Amiibo Dojo with a “community” of Amiibo Doctor. It’s great that we have the Amiibo Dojo as the steady information foundation of the scene, and I have a feeling that I’ll be referring people to them for a long time. Despite that, I want Amiibo Doctor to become the outlet for discoveries, research and reasonable theories that members of the scene have created, instead of just being my own opinions. We won’t be as “tried and true” as far as research goes, but that still serves a need within the amiibo community. More voices talking more about amiibo is a good thing, as far as I’m concerned.

To achieve this, I’m looking for a few Regular Contributors to the Amiibo Doctor media outlets. Regular Contributors will be asked to produce 1 piece of content a month, either being videos or posts. These people are in this for the long run, and are comfortable with having their work seen by millions  hundreds of people. Ideally one Regular Contributor will bend towards a video and the other will bend towards posts, but I won’t restrict the type of content. After all, this is a creative endeavor.

In addition to Regular Contributors, I’d like for some Guest Contributors with some crazy ideas to step up to the plate. While Guest Contributors aren’t in it for the long haul, they have the same passion for amiibo and aren’t afraid to write or produce something about amiibo that they want on the Amiibo Doctor outlets. Guest Contributors can produce as quickly as writing something together, messaging it to a Regular Contributor and asking the Regular Contributor to post it as a one-time thing.

How to apply

Please send me a Discord or Twitter direct message answering these questions:

  1. Would you do posts or videos more often, and why?
  2. What’s been your experience with amiibo?
  3. Do you have something else very important or useful that might also be relevant information?

I’m going to be taking applications until March 15th. I don’t have a concrete limit on how many people I’m going to accept, but I will be showing preference for people who can edit videos well, have a history of good amiibo writing, or can do both videos and posts.

Outside of these contributors, I’m personally going to be sticking to a Thursday-based upload schedule for videos, and blog posts are going to stay at the same schedule they’ve been for a while: when something’s important, I write about it.

Bin repository

The rule in the amiibo scene is for tournament hosts to delete their downloaded bin files at the conclusion of the tournament: submitting someone else’s bin file as your own is dishonest, and will result in your entries probably not being accepted at very many tournaments. After all, nobody could trust you with their good bin files anymore, so they would never know if it was their own prized fighter that was being entered.

I’ve decided to be a bit adventurous. I’m starting a bin repository, publicly available for anyone to download and use. The idea is that trainers can download these experimental bin files, make a few adjustments and then release them into tournaments. But there’s a catch: while all the bin files are mine and trained by me (I’m not a very good trainer), bin file submissions follow a set of restrictive qualifications. Everything I put on the repository is:

  • C+ tier or lower (unless the tier list has changed since their upload)
  • Experimental in some way, such as my Mii Brawler using the side special suplex move that functions much like Incineroar’s Alolan Whip. Mii Brawler is not a commonly used amiibo, and command grabs are overpowered in the meta, so I put up Mii Brawler in case the experiment proved to be successful.

Submissions for what can be put up in the repository are very limited. Only myself and Regular Contributors will be able to submit bin files, and even then those submissions go through me. We’re not creating a starter’s kit for people who are too lazy to make their own amiibo, we’re creating a useful starting point for people who are bored with amiibo and want to experiment a little bit.

If you download and submit an experimental amiibo to a tournament, I ask that you 1. inform me that your amiibo was originally an experimental amiibo, and 2. Write down how they performed, and commentate on what went right and what went wrong if possible. If you have interesting results I’ll ask you to contribute a post about them.

The bin repository can be viewed here.

The purpose of the repository is to encourage experimentation with amiibo that aren’t often used, or to try out new strategies for overlooked or developed amiibo. That’s why it’s restricted to low tiers: we know the potential of the high tiers, and there’s plenty of reason for trainers to train a high tier amiibo. We’re more interested in low tiers.


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