How to make a Series 5 Raymond amiibo card! – Animal Crossing New Horizons 2021

Making a Raymond amiibo card is no different than making a normal one – if you’ve done it before, just do what you did last time! If not, keep reading.

Tagmo for an Android with NFC functionality, or other methods without Android phone

NTAG215 chips, which you can buy through this Amazon Affiliate link: NTAG215 chips

The bin file of the amiibo cards you want to make

-Whatever decoration you choose to put on it

If you are missing one or more of these items, click their respective link and take the necessary steps to complete that task or purchase. By the end of this you should have Tagmo functioning properly with the two keys correctly added on, a set of NTAG215 chips (it doesn’t work with anything else), and bin files that you obtained of your own accord. If you don’t understand what bin files are, don’t worry – they’re just the base files of specific amiibo that you’ll put on a chip. Mario has a unique one, Link has a unique one, etc.

How to Make a Raymond Amiibo Card

We’ll assume you’re using Tagmo on Android for this guide, but if you’re using something different like NFC Tools, the idea is the same.

It’s very simple. Activate NFC on your phone. Make sure you have the unfixed-info and locked-secret bins already loaded in (reference the guide above for help). Open Tagmo, and press “Load Tag”. Search through your phone’s file system to bring up the Raymond amiibo bin file – it’ll typically be in your phone’s Downloads folder. You should see its image show up on the main screen (unless it’s just been released).

Click “Write Tag”, and hold up a blank NTAG215 chip to the NFC point on your phone. Hold it for a moment, and it should write to the tag. Congratulations! You made an amiibo. There’s a few things you should know about amiibo chips before you make them into cards.

  1. They will forever be that character now. A Mario amiibo is always and forever a Mario amiibo, and once it’s written it can never be changed. The only exception is the Powersaves for Amiibo Powertag, which isn’t technically an NTAG215.
  2. You absolutely cannot bend them or freeze them – that’ll break them. These things are moderately fragile, so don’t do stupid things with them. Amiibo do have a shelf life.
  3. They are identical to a real, store-bought amiibo. There is literally no difference in terms of functionality whatsoever. You are in no danger of getting your Nintendo Switch banned for using an amiibo card.

If your NTAG215 chips doesn’t work, there may be a solution. Typically, once they’re broken they’re broken, but you might be able to fix them.

At this point, you’re home free. Decorate it into an amiibo card however you like – most people use cardstock, some people use transparent coins, some people just leave them like they are.


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