Safe Animal Crossing Series 5 Bin File Dump

Amiibo Doctor is not hosting these files. It is unknown who compiled these bin files – this link was delivered to us by a reader. Amiibo Doctor does not verify the original ownership of bin files. This page is simply a directory to the current most updated listing of amiibo bin file compilations.

We receive a cut from Amazon links on this page.

After the NFC-Bank shutdown, it’s been hard to find amiibo bin files. This website aims to remedy that, and provide tutorials on NTAG215 and amiibo card-related matters. You can see our full list of every way to make amiibo here, and you should also reference our guides listed in the menu above for more information.

Series 5 amiibo bin files-compatible Pro Controller
If you’d rather not mess with amiibo bin files, this AmiiPad controller may be the solution for you. It’s much less complicated.

There’s Been Some Difficulty With Tagmo and the New Bins. Check the Tagmo Guide to Get the Newest Version – if That Doesn’t Work, try an putting the files in a subfolder titled “tagmo”.

THIS IS NOT OUR BIN FILE LISTING – THIS LINK WAS EMAILED TO US BY A READER. AMIIBO DOCTOR IS NOT HOSTING AMIIBO BIN FILES, AND CANNOT VERIFY OR CLAIM OWNERSHIP OF THESE FILES. They’re hosted by Google Drive, and the person who compiled them is unknown. We recommend this NTAG seller for making amiibo cards of all formats. Be sure to compare their prices to regular Etsy sellers for the best deal.

The Series 5 Animal Crossing amiibo cards have a bin dump now! You can find it here!

Tagmo Instructions

Bear in mind that Tagmo is occasionally having issues reading these bins. Try an older version of Tagmo, or if you aren’t using the Google Play install of Tagmo, make sure that the bins AND Tagmo are installed on the base storage of your phone. This often happens when new amiibo are released, and the dev hasn’t had time to update the directory on the app.

Full explanation of amiibo bin files and how to use them.

You can find a dump of every amiibo bin file here.

How You Can Help

If you find something, please email with a link and explanation of how to access the files. In the meantime, I’d recommend trying to buy Animal Crossing amiibo cards from card sellers at a discount rate. You can find them here – be advised that Amiibo Doctor is part of the Amazon Affiliates program, so we get a small cut from purchases, and we appreciate whatever support you may provide!

What are the Key-Retail and Unfixed-Info bin files?

These two files are the tools to decrypting the amiibo. When combined, they activate a program that decrypts your amiibo – separately, they can’t do anything. You need these for use in Tagmo.

How can I make amiibo cards with amiibo bin files?

Good question – the specific process depends on the methods available to you. However, there’s a few universal steps regardless of how you choose to make amiibo cards.

You’ll need:

  • NTAG215 chips that haven’t been written to
  • The specific method you’re going to use to write amiibo cards (almost always a cell phone with NFC)
  • Amiibo bin files

The steps are pretty straightforward.

  1. Open the app and hold up the unwritten NTAG chip to the NFC point on your phone.
  2. Select “Write Tag” or similarly-named option on your app
  3. Wait for the phone to write to the NTAG chip
  4. Scan the chip into your Switch to confirm you wrote the correct amiibo file

That’s pretty much it! There’s a few other uses for amiibo as well, like using them so get villagers in New Horizons or extra equipment in Splatoon, so check to see what they can do!

Where can I get NTAG215 chips for amiibo cards?

We recommend a few specific Amazon sellers for NTAG215 chips. Bear in mind that, while these will all produce amiibo with the same function, the format will make it a bit more or less convenient to use depending on how you intend to use the amiibo. The format determines whether you make an amiibo cardstock (with cardstock), an amiibo coin (with an NTAG disc) or an amiibo sticker (also with an amiibo sticker).

Amiibo stickers –

Amiibo cards –

Amiibo coins –

You can buy NTAG chips from a lot of websites, but places like AliExpress charge around the same rates and the shipping takes much, much longer. AliExpress is only good for when you need to buy, say, a hundred thousand chips. And if you need to buy a hundred thousand NTAG215 chips… I don’t wanna know why.

What can I do with Series 5 Amiibo Cards in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

1. Invite to campsite

Use the Nook Stop terminal at Resident Services, and select Invite Amiibo camper. The game will prompt you to scan an Amiibo card. If a character is currently in your campsite, the game will allow you to eject them with the villager you’ve just scanned in. However, you can only use this once per day.

2. Photoshoots

Talk to Orville at the seaport and tell him you want to fly to Harv’s Island. Once you’re there, go to Photopia by talking to Harv again. From there, you can scan in your amiibo and use them in a photoshoot, even if that villager is not currently in your town or campsite.

3. Brewster’s Cafe (The Roost)

Once you’ve entered The Roost, you can use the amiibo phone on the counter to call up villagers that you have the amiibo cards for. The villager, once scanned, will enter the cafe and have a conversation with you.

4. Happy Home Paradise Content

If you’ve purchased the Happy Home Paradise expansion pack, you can create houses for your amiibo villagers. Simply call them on the amiibo Phone and move through the dialogues until you’re designing their house! This works with nearly every Animal Crossing villager card that has been created, even special characters.

For more information on amiibo bin files and how to use them, come watch this Amiibo Doctor video!

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  1. Bonjour,
    Merci pour tout ce que vous faites.
    Je voulais savoir si vous pensez mettre les cartes série 5 animal crossing sur fichier dès leur sortie?


    1. Bonne question,
      Je ne gère pas ce dépôt de fichiers, mais la ou les personnes anonymes qui le font sont très ponctuelles dans leurs téléchargements. Historiquement, ils ont téléchargé les fichiers de poubelle dans un délai d’un jour ou deux après la publication.


  2. Dear amiibodoctor,

    Thanks the reader who share The Series 5 Animal Crossing amiibo cards bin dump.

    Almost perfect but only bin file #448 (Faith) is corrupted and cannot dump into NTAG215 via Tagmo.

    Look forward to the revamp and appreciate for the great effort . =)


  3. Bonsoir, je voulais simplement remercier Ibrahim Al pour son partage de cartes amiibo de la série 5 acnh. Un grand grand énorme merci. Et à vous également.


  4. I apologize for back to back posts however, I cannot find my post from a few minutes ago to delete it. IT WORKED!!!!! I can almost hardly believe I USED MY PHONE to get Raymond’s amiibo!!!! I’ve still been using powertags on the desktop. Now if there was only a way to load/get supplies that way for a digital version of New Leaf, THAT would be great. I gave my son my 2ds & he does play Animal Crossing new Leaf but because it’s a digital version, I can’t use Power Saves to help him. If I had the money to buy a cartridge, I would then transfer his town to a cartridge version but right now I don’t. Yes I am that pathetically broke.


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