Where to find Smash Bros amiibo card bin files

Recently, NFC-Bank.com shut down. While there’s no official word as to why, it appears to be a mix of circumstances involving Nintendo, unrenewed domains and the release of the Joker and Hero amiibo. I have a few theories that I’ve posted here, if you’re interested.

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Since the NFC Bank shutdown, there’s not been a consistent place to find amiibo bin files for Smash Ultimate, or for competitive amiibo. I refuse to host them on this website (I’m smarter than that), but I also know that getting amiibo files to make amiibo cards is very difficult. This page will be updated whenever I can find a website or host that has these bin files available.

THESE FILES ARE NOT HOSTED BY AMIIBO DOCTOR. They’re hosted by Google Drive, and the person who compiled them is unknown. This is a complete set of amiibo bin files as of June 2021.

If you find something, please email amiibodoctor@gmail.com with a link and explanation of how to access the files. In the meantime, bookmark this page so that when we find something, we can direct you to it!

It should also be noted that at the time of this writing no amiibo bin files exist for Terry, Banjo or Byleth amiibo. Any amiibo card sellers claiming to have bin files early are falsely advertising – I know every single individual who has early files of these amiibo, and none of them have leaked them to the public.



  1. This list is missing the Pikmin amiibo for Hey! Pikmin. This amiibo is what got me interested in making NFC tags in the first place because it it so expensive; this one amiibo runs for anywhere from $100 – $300 online. I have a hard time playing Hey! Pikmin because I keep loosing all my pikmin; therefore having an amiibo that calls extra to me (this amiibo does) would be very helpful. Could someone fine the code for it please?


    1. Thank-you, not only did that link have the Pikmin one, it also had the Detective Pikachu that I also wanted but wasn’t all that disappointed over not having, but still wanted.


  2. CRAP!! I went to actually load the tag, and the pikmin one wasn’t the Hey! Pikmin amiibo, it was the Super Smash Bros. one.


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