The Beginner’s Guide to Training the Pikachu amiibo in Smash Ultimate

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by LML123, Regular Contributor

Hello! I am LML123, and I am the first trainer to get a standard win with Pikachu in all of Ultimate, and have gotten really decent results with him over all. I’ve even gotten 2nd with him in standard tournaments a couple times as well. I have also recently gotten 4 wins in total with him and Algernon, my Pikachu, reached top 24 in a supermajor coming out from pools to the final stage. And he’s also had many shocking upsets in his matches! He’s beaten a Dark Pit, some Links, a Mii Gunner, a couple Piranha Plants, a few Mii Swordfighters, a Zelda, some Ridleys, a Ganondorf, and many more! In this guide, I will show you how to train a well-rounded and (potential) tournament winning Pikachu!

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AI Issues

He doesn’t seem to use thunder very well at all, and doesn’t seem to use up throw to thunder very much either. He also can sometimes SD from going too low before using Quick Attack.

Overall Playstyle

His overall playstyle in my opinion should be a mix of grounded and jumpy. What do I mean by that? Well I mean that Pikachu actually benefits from using his entire kit. That means aerials, smash attacks, grabs, dash attacks, you name it. Yes that also means Thunder Jolt to some extent. 

How to Train the Pikachu amiibo in Smash Ultimate

Ok here I will cover how you should train your Pikachu amiibo! One of the things you need to focus on are tilts and smashes. Especially forward tilt and forward smash. That will help you in the long run, and I will cover why in a little bit. Down smash and up smash are also good options. Aerials are also necessary to teach Pikachu. Give him all the aerials. Yes that includes neutral air, back air, down air, up air, and forward air. Don’t be afraid to use down air or forward air off stage against him. Dash attack is also very essential to add into Pikachu’s kit, and can help you get out of a jam and push your opponent off stage. Grabs also work well with him, so grab away! Don’t bother using Skull Bash on stage and Thunder Jolt. Pikachu can learn Thunder Jolt on his own and Skull Bash on stage is done on his own too. In some cases he can use it as a jab lock set up to follow up with forward smash or forward tilt. Down tilt to dash attack is another good combo to teach to Pikachu. 

-Spirit Builds I Recommend for Pikachu and Why-

Here’s some spirit sets I recommend for Pikachu that I have tested. They are not much, but I believe these should work!

  • Instadrop + Landing Lag Down: Instadrop works well with him because it can get him back to stage quickly, and help him cause hitstun to his opponent so he can attack. Landing Lag down helps with the end lag of moves, and it allows him to use his kit a bit sooner compared to him without it.
  • Landing Lag Down + Electric Attack Up + Toss & Meteor: Electric Attack Up helps Pikachu as it boosts his electric damage output, which can help him kill earlier. Toss & Meteor helps with his down air spikes, his Up Smash launch distance, and the same goes for his Up air. It also works with Thunder spike, but getting that to work would be nothing short of a miracle.

Air attack also can be used for Any one of the two sets I mentioned as it buffs his aerials, and also can work with Toss & Meteor as it increases damage output on his upward trajectory launching moves and downward launching trajectory moves. You also can try Shield Damage Up or Easier Dodging as the both of them sound perfect for Pikachu in some sets!

Why It Works

This method works for Pikachu because he needs to be able to rush down toward his opponent quickly, and to attack quickly to overcome his opponents. In turn, this also gives him the ability to force his opponents off stage, and be able to gimp them using aerials, especially with his down air. Pikachu gets a huge benefit from using his kit as he’s quite fast, and can get to his opponents quickly. He also has great frame data on his moves, which means all he has to do is get close to his opponent and let it rip! I look forward to seeing what you do with your Pikachu amiibo! Together we will bring Pikachu the respect that he oh so deserves in amiibo!



  1. Would you recommend u-tilt as well in Pikachu’s kit? It’s a great kombo tool and can catch opponents from behind it.


    1. Yes, use that. You can combo Up Tilt into Up air strings, though Pikachu sometimes Misses. While he doesn’t really get punished for missing the Up Air that often, it is quite Risky and doesn’t really deal that much damage. You can also do Down tilt Dash Attack, Down tilt Forward Smash, and you can even teach your Pikachu to use Up throw Down Special. Which is a great Combo move that deals great damage. You can teach Pikachu to use Jolts from afar, though it won’t be as aggressive and will be better going with a defensive strategy. Regardless, it is a great option nonetheless. Jolt into Grab, or smash attack is good.


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