The Beginner’s Guide to Training the Terry amiibo in Smash Ultimate

Big List of Amiibo Training Guides

I’ve written a Smashboards post detailing the Terry amiibo trainingbear in mind there’s no expert opinions that are ready to release until the amiibo actually come out and the entire community gets their hands on them. This is a copy-and-paste from my Smashboards post.

How to Train the Terry amiibo

Raid Boss Terry amiibo have two interesting spirits loadouts that they should try.

  1. Instadrop + Trade-Off Ability results in a Terry that is able to connect a half-dozen attacks within seconds, often resulting in a KO. Content creators should take note of this strategy.
  2. Armor Knight + Trade-Off Ability creates a typical “Strongest Amiibo” Raid Boss archetype. It’s hard to kill and heavy, but not as interesting as the Instadrop loadout.

Competitive Spirits Terry still isn’t concrete, but Fist Attack Up and Physical Attack Up will most likely be necessary. Theorycrafters indicate that Trade-Off Ability would be an optimal third slot in this case. Trade-Off Ability also puts Terry 30% closer to being able to use Go! moves.

Terry has an incredibly advanced AI, and it’s clear that the developers gave the most love to the Terry amiibo. The Terry amiibo can connect nearly any attack out of Jab or Down Tilt, and it also has Jab – Jab – Powerdunk subroutines built-in. It can also connect Down Tilt into Jab, and will use both of these subroutines frame-perfectly. The AI will often combine these two subroutines to make a Down Tilt – Jab – Jab – Powerdunk. In short, if this amiibo lands Down Tilt or Jab on you, you’re going to get Powerdunked.

Training the Terry amiibo is fairly simple. Like with Banjo, you’re going to want to walk. Amiibo can use their hitboxes pixel-perfectly, so you needn’t worry about getting him in range to use Down Tilt. He’ll use Down Tilt the frame that it can connect, and follow it up through Powerdunk if he can.

In my personal opinion, one should avoid using Terry’s Side Special moves. If Terry is using either of his Side Special forms, he’ll forsake Down Tilt in favor of those attacks. They’re good attacks in their own right, but the ultimate goal for Terry amiibo is to set up Jab – Jab – Powerdunk however possible. Thus, we should avoid using nearly anything else that doesn’t lead into that setup, with the exception of Go! moves.

Don’t worry about using anything in the air against Terry. The best Terry amiibo are grounded as much as possible, because they simply can’t use Jab – Jab – Powerdunk if they’re in the air.

As a side note, the competitive amiibo scene expects Terry amiibo to be A+ tier or possibly even S tier in the amiibo tier list.

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