The Beginner’s Guide to Training the Toon Link amiibo in Smash Ultimate

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by Dabuffalo, Guest Contributor

Hello there! I am Dabuffalo. I have trained close to 20 bins labbing Tink pretty much since I started competitive amiibo, and 2 tournament wins at the time of this writing along with consistent results with Toon Link. 

AI Issues

Toon Link’s unavoidable AI issue is actually with the tether. He will sometimes tether underneath the ledge expecting the tether to hit, not taking account of the startup, and completely misses the ledge. This usually causes Tink to die but there isn’t much you can really do about it, luckily enough it doesn’t happen too often. The other AI flaws Toon Link (and can be avoided) has are to do with down B an neutral B, with bombs the problem is that if you use one bomb or get hit by one, he will start to use it quite a lot, which tends to make him hit himself with it because ai doesn’t use throwable projectiles well, and the reward often isn’t great. With neutral B, Toon Link will leave himself vulnerable charging the bow in front of his opponent for very little reward if it hits. So avoiding his down B and neutral B is important when training Tink. 

Overall Playstyle

Before we take a deep dive into his moves, remember to mirror match. As for playstyle, Toon Link on the ground will want to be walking. The only time you want to run is for a dash attack, which we will get to later. He has a lot of setups and some good kill moves grounded. However, when the opponent is offstage you want to capitalize by edgeguarding, with fair especially. He gets insane value out of fair (forward aerial). Now onstage, you will be using a lot of forward smash, boomerang, jab, and grab, but a lot of this is either to set up into a fair, built in combo, zone a bit, or just to get the opponent offstage in general.

How to Train the Toon Link amiibo

Forward smash is a reliable option because of it’s kill power, and it’s range is quite good for Tink being the little guy he is. We want to use this quite a lot, but not like spamming it because Toon Link’s arsenal on the ground is very versatile. Boomerang is great because it sets up into a fair, and can also be used at a far distance too. Toon Link can’t really zone amazingly, but still using this from far away works for chip damage. The reason we want to use boomerang into fair is because it kills very well, and if it doesn’t kill it still sets up an edgeguard. Now jab is good because it’s a good get off me option, and it’s a multi hit. Generally amiibo that parry will beat a lot of the moves in Toon Link’s kit, but amiibo have a hard time parrying multi hit moves, so this does a good job for that. 

A big tool for Tink is grab because of what he can get out of it. A couple simple things are up throw to up air from like 10-30%, and a very strong back throw that kills around 115 at ledge. He has a built in combo though that is set up much easier with down throw. Basically what he can do is string back aerials together, usually around 45-55%, and end it with an up b. He can do 2 back airs, or 5 depending on if he has platforms, and if he’s landing first and stuff like that. Down throw sets this up nicely. However even with all these setups, grab should not be used too much. Actually you want to have a nice balance between f smash, grab, boomerang, and jab. Forward smash being used slightly more than the rest, followed by boomerang and grab, then jab. 

Edgeguarding is how Toon Link gets quite a bit of his kills. Fair is the main tool for this being EXTREMELY strong. It’s hitbox being decently large so it hits reliably, along with it not being super slow. Only use bair/nair if you are sitting on the ledge and want to hit your amiibo

For some other good to know stuff, use up smash to anti air, nair to land, and grounded up b to catch rolls and use out of shield. These moves can be used a bit more in other situations too but they work best in these situations. 

A couple of other moves that can be used are dash attack, down smash, up tilt, up air, and f tilt but use them sparingly. Dash attack does set up into fair quite well at a lower percent range than boomerang, however we don’t want Tink running too much. Down smash is fast and hit’s on both sides so it can be used some, but it’s not that strong and isn’t as good at catching rolls as grounded Hero’s Spin. Up tilt strings into itself at low percent, but only use it at low percentages if you do. Up air is used in up tilt to up air and can be used as an anti air. Forward tilt can go on and replace jab if you wish, but it’s sacrificing the multi hit aspect of jab for only a slightly bigger hitbox. 

Do not ever use Down B, Neutral B, Down Tilt, Down Aerial or Grab Aerial (to be referred to as zair). Down B and Neutral B because of the issues with them. Also a quick side note about down b and neutral B, the low level AI loves to use those moves, so try not to get hit by those moves during the first levels. Down Tilt’s launch angle is horrendous, and it’s power is lacking. All it really can kind of do is be a get of me option but that’s fulfilled by Jab. Dair is bad because amiibo don’t do well with stall-n-falls, and he will often get punished after using it. Zair just doesn’t do much at all. It’s slow, it does not do much damage, doesn’t have that much knockback, and leaves him vulnerable. 


So for Toon Link’s spirits, you want to have one Weapon Attack up, maybe two, because most of Tink’s moves are used with his sword. A few other good ones to choose from are Air Attack Up, Air Defense, Hyper Smash Attacks, Critical Healing and Metal, and Trade Off Ability. 

Why It Works

This works because Toon Link has a lot of good moves at his disposal that each play a part in his overall play, a good grounded kill move in F smash, good setup moves in grab and boomerang, a good get of me option in jab, and an amazing edgeguarding tool in fair, along with lots of other tools. 



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