Where to Safely Find Samus & EMMI amiibo Bin Dumps for Metroid: Dread

Recently, NFC-Bank.com shut down. We’re really not sure why, so the community is scrambling to figure out new bin file distribution schemes. Amiibodoctor.com is acting as a directory of bin file hosts (we aren’t actually hosting them ourselves), so check back often to see where the confirmed and safe bin file hosts are located.

Support Amiibo Doctor before downloading! This Amazon Affiliates link helps us help you by continuing to fund these pages with commissions! All it takes is a click, and then you return to this page, no hassle.

If you’re not sure what amiibo bin files are, this is the Complete Guide to amiibo bin files.

THESE FILES ARE NOT HOSTED BY AMIIBO DOCTOR. They’re hosted by Google Drive, on an unknown individual’s account, and they were sent to us by readers. This is a complete set of amiibo bin files as of October 2021. You can find the Metroid Dread bin files in the “Metroid” folder. Note: Currently, as of October 27, there’s been some difficulty with the “Samus Aran” bin file being recognized by Tagmo. We recommend trying it three times, and if it doesn’t work, using NFC Tools instead.

And if you plan to also use it in Smash, here’s our Zero Suit Samus amiibo training guide!

Since the NFC Bank shutdown, there’s not been a consistent place to find amiibo bin files for general amiibo usage, or for competitive amiibo. I refuse to host them on this website (I’m smarter than that), but I also know that getting amiibo files to make amiibo cards with Tagmo is very difficult. This page will be updated whenever I can find a website or host that has these bin files available.

If you find something, please email amiibodoctor@gmail.com with a link and explanation of how to access the files – please do not send us files you’re hosting, either.

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