Series 5 Bin Files For a Complete Amiibo Card Collection

by Doc – Owner, Founder, Wonders Why People Can’t Just Google Lists

I’ve been asked a lot these last few weeks about which amiibo people are missing from their fanmade collection. It’s not clear to me why this particular question comes up: I don’t look like a living checklist, and it’s not difficult to find a list of the Animal Crossing amiibo cards that just released.

If you’re looking for Animal Crossing amiibo bin files, this page has all of our links. This is the most commonly used Series 5 amiibo download, and the only trustworthy one I know of.

However, since people are wanting a checklist… here’s a checklist! Feel free to print out this page and cross out whichever ones you don’t have downloaded yet.

This card pack is much more colorful than the others. I like it.

Series 5 – Every Amiibo Bin File

  1. Tom Nook
  2. Timmy and Tommy
  3. Isabelle
  4. Orville
  5. Wilbur
  6. Blathers
  7. Celeste
  8. Mabel
  9. Sable
  10. Label
  11. K. K. Slider
  12. C.J.
  13. Flick
  14. Daisy Mae
  15. Kicks
  16. Saharah
  17. Harvey
  18. Gulliver
  19. Wisp
  20. Lottie
  21. Niko
  22. Wardell
  23. Tom Nook
  24. Isabelle
  25. Sherb
  26. Megan
  27. Dom
  28. Audie
  29. Cyd
  30. Judy
  31. Raymond
  32. Reneigh
  33. Sasha
  34. Ione
  35. Tiansheng
  36. Shino
  37. Marlo
  38. Petri
  39. Cephalobot
  40. Quinn
  41. Chabwick
  42. Zoe
  43. Ace
  44. Rio
  45. Frett
  46. Azalea
  47. Roswell
  48. Faith

If Series 6 ever happens, check back here!

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