(Almost) all the Smash Ultimate amiibo bins have been released!

by Doc – Owner, Founder, Has to Wait an Agonizing Two Weeks Before Finals Are Done to Play With Them

I woke up this morning to a pleasant email from my Japanese amiibo training counterparts. It read:

“翻訳機を使うのは怠慢だ。 amiibo 本物の日本人を雇って仕事をしてくれ。”

This roughly translates to “the new amiibo bin files are in the game”. At which point they attached amiibo bin files of every Fighter’s Pass 2 character, save for Sora.

I won’t be releasing these bin files (I can’t even confirm their legitimacy yet, as I have law school finals to study for) to the public, but you can expect them to be on the Amiibo Doctor Youtube channel when winter break comes.

In the meantime, you can find our amiibo bin file dumps to access the publicly-released amiibo bin files.


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