I Hosted a Spirits Amiibo Tournament

by Doc – Owner, Founder, Never Hosted a Spirits Amiibo Tournament Before

I’ve not historically been a fan of the spirits amiibo meta. Back in the days of Smash 4, the amiibo community had a sort of tunnel vision for the spirits meta, which was about as dry and boring as the Tic-Tac-Toe metagame. When the community largely switched to vanilla for Ultimate, I made it a point to promote vanilla amiibo tournaments in my content, and have done so consistently since Day 1.

Well, spirits is kinda cool too. It’s so cool that I hosted a spirits amiibo tournament, which you can watch here:

I’m very, very proud of this thumbnail image.

This tournament’s ruleset was simple:

  • Incineroar Banned
  • Baton Pass Format, Best of 3
  • 1st amiibo limited to A+, 2nd amiibo limited to S under the January USAC amiibo tier list
  • Big 5 Banned

I’d recommend watching the tournament before checking the bracket in the video’s description. You wouldn’t want to spoil it for yourself!


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