Aggro Even Hunter List and Overview

Me go face. And when me have even mana, me still go face.

Deck code: AAEBAR8EzfQCn6UDh7AD5J8EDfcN1RP4sQL7rwO6tgOkuQP7zgOQ5APx6QPc6gPjnwS7oAS/oAQA

Dust cost: 5,520

This deck is made up of a bunch of small packages. You Hero Power every other turn at least, so Dragonbane, Garrison Commander, Manafeeder and Phase Stalker are easy to take advantage of. When you play Phase Stalker, you can afford to play a small Secret package, which naturally leads to including Mad Scientist- and Phase Stalker and Manafeeder Panthera are Beasts, so you may as well add in Headhunter’s Hatchet and Scavenger’s Ingenuity, and a few more Beasts for consistency.

You have a few options for card substitutions, but the Legendaries and Epics are there to stay. You can drop Oasis Thrasher, a Piercing Shot, and/or Pressure Plate for some mix of Rinling’s Rifle, Kobold Sandtrooper, Knife Vendor and Steamwheedle Sniper. I don’t recommend Steamwheedle Sniper or Knife Vendor, though. Knife Vendor is extra reach, but terrible against other Aggro, and Steamwheedle Sniper is, by all measure, bad.