Aggro Odd DH List and Overview

Everything is face. Enjoy.


Dust cost: 5,200

Me hit face. When me no can hit face, me Consume Magic and hit face anyway.

Yeah, can’t say I love the memes making fun of Aggro for being braindead that are made by Control players curving out removals. However… that’s kind of a perfect description of Aggro Odd DH’s gameplay. Drop cheap and aggressive stuff, hit face, refill, hit face with face, Charge, good game.

How often I will wind up saying it’s not quite that simple in this mammoth article, I don’t know. Still… it isn’t quite that simple, but I have over a hundred decks to round up. I can’t elaborate too much on each one.

As far as card replacements go, a lot of lists drop Voracious Reader, an Arcane Golem, Leeroy and/or Fury for Demon Companion, Gan’arg Glaivesmith and/or Bad Luck Albatross. Personally, I wouldn’t drop Reader and Fury, but dropping some combination of 1 Arcane Golem, 1 Stiltstepper, and/or Leeroy for Demon Companions or Gan’arg Glaivesmith turns this deck into an even faster face smacker.

I like Aldraichi Warblades in case games go long, but that puts me firmly in the minority. Feel free to drop a Golem and a Stiltstepper or Leeroy for them.