Aggro Rallydin/Tax Paladin Lists and Overview

Rally, my troops! Onwards, to bully decks that have no early options!

Deck code: AAEBAZ8FBNIDrwSnBavsAw2MAbEIiA7qD/jSAo6aA8rBA4PeA/vjA87rA+PrA5qfBMmgBAA=

Dust cost: 5,240 Dust

The second Never Surrender can be swapped for a second Crossroads Gossiper or Arcane Golem.

The wind is definitely picking up.

Deck code: AAEBAZ8FAqcFmp8EDowBgQWIDuoPnRX40gLZ/gKOmgPKwQOD3gP36APO6wPj6wPJoAQA

Dust cost: 3,540 Dust

Yeah, it’s just the Crabrider list with Young Dragonhawk instead of Crabrider and a second Never Surrender instead of a second Blessing of Kings.

An inferior version of the old one? Sure, but it works. Kind of.