APM Priest List and Overview

Infinite? Infinite.

Deck code: AAEBAa0GBtjBAtD+AvGAA5O6A8rhA6iKBAzlBNHBAqbwAoL3AuaIA5mpA+LeA/vfA/jjA/vjA62KBIWfBAA=

Dust cost: 2,960 Dust

Taelan and the second Piper are the flex spots. Options to consider include Dirty Rat for disruption, Psychic Scream or Mass Hysteria for board clearing, or Mutanus (releasing in the Wailing Caverns mini-set) as a Rat-esque card that doesn’t remove Radiant Elemental from the Rally! pool. Divine Spirit is also doable, as along with the infinite Power Word: Shields, it would allow an otk option to an already flexible deck.