Beast Hunter List and Overview

My opponent’s Beasts are such a burden/My Health pool’s large but now it’s hurtin’

Deck code: AAEBAR8AD94EuwXZCdsJ6rsCjsMC4soC+9MCi+UCoIUDpIgDo7kDos4DluMD358EAA==

Dust cost: 3,120

Beast Hunter has very few card substitutions. Unleash the Hounds can be replaced with Kill Command, but that’s about it.

Though it may seem like a good card, Scavenger’s Ingenuity isn’t worthwhile in the deck. The +2/+2 buff isn’t very important (you don’t care much about a single Beast surviving, and Wolpertinger won’t consistently be drawn by it to make the buff huge), and the draw is even less necessary due to Starving Buzzard and Master’s Call.

The same goes for Call Pet- just not good enough.