Big Demon Renolock

The best-laid plans of mice and De-men often go awry

Deck code: AAEBAYkGHtwGjg7CD8MWhBeFF9i7ApfBAt7EAt/EAufLAq7NAvLQApfTAujnAsPqApz4AqCAA/yjA52pA+usA6e1A8S5A9fOA/TOA87hA/jjA5LkA7GfBOegBAAA

Dust cost: 21,940 Dust

Like most Highlander decks, the aim is to control the early game before killing with a high powered finisher. In Renolock’s case, that’s Demons.

Card substitutions:

Unfortunately, you need just about every expensive card in there. Archwitch Willow, Grizzled Wizard, and Sir Finley can be swapped for some combination of Far Watch Post, Backfire, Cascading Disaster, N’zoth, the Corruptor, Loatheb, Skulking Geist, and Cult Neophyte. I don’t recommend Skulking Geist, but it’s a decent meta tech if you hit a lot of Aggro with low built decks.

If you drop either Grizzled Wizard or Sir Finley, you’d better drop the other. The combo allows you to deal with Even/Odd decks and stuff like Death Knights or Mages using Wildfire, but it’s useless if you drop either piece.