Big Priest Decklist and Overview

Look kids, Big Ben, Parliament!

Deck code: AAEBAa0GBtaZA5mbA/KsA/vfA/jjA4WfBAz6EdHBAuXMArTOAuPpApeHA5mpA5O6A/O7A+LeA/rfA62KBAA=

Dust Cost: 5,100 (Vargoth was given out for free a while ago, so 3,500 if you have him)

Ooh, look, another straightforward deck where the difficult part is getting every last drop out of it! I’m beginning to see a pattern in these top tier decks… it’s almost like even decks that are simple are made better by skilled play and practice. Who’d have known?

On a less sarcastic note, the deck really is simple. Do your best to play an early Shadow Essence (I have Insight in case that doesn’t work out), get a nice big early minion or two, and resurrect the stuffing out of them. Put up walls of big Taunts, repeat until the opponent is dead or pulls off something amazing.

I’ll probably have a guide up soon for the more complex stuff.

There’s not really any replacing the Epics and Legendary. Vargoth is an amazing way to double resurrect with Spellstone or Mass Resurrection, Blood of G’Hunn is a pile of stats that summons more piles of stats, and Shadow Visions is super flexible and just amazing overall.

You can swap out Breath of the Infinite for either Shadow Word: Horror or Spirits Lash, and a Mass Hysteria for a Mass Dispel. A copy of Scrapyard Colossus can be cut for either Obsidian Statue or Zilliax, but I don’t recommend Obsidian Statue. Lastly, you can drop Renew or Holy Smite for Spirit Lash or Wave of Apathy.

After a lot of testing, I think my list is just about perfect, though maybe dropping a Renew for a Spirit Lash is optimal.