Big Shaman List and Overview

Well, a turn 2 Y’Shaarj, Rage Unbound is… interesting, I guess.

Deck code: AAEBAaoICNITqKsCws4CrZEDj5QD36kD27gDieQDC5QDsgaRDs4P9r0C8+cCn/0CipQDk7kD87sD8NQDAA==

Dust cost: 8,400 Dust

A few expansions ago, Big Shaman was a top tier deck. The fast decks have gotten faster, so it’s faded a bit into the woodwork, but it’s still an extremely good deck.

The deck aims to survive long enough to play Ancestor’s Call or Muckmorpher to put some strong minions into play, and prevent them from being destroyed via Ancestral Spirit or Reincarnate. This particular list puts an emphasis on being able to constantly swing with said big minions, but there are some possible card substitutions, which are listed below.

First of all, Reincarnate is purely a greedy option. Some lists use Windfury for a similarly greedy over-the-top option, but I find Windfury to be less useful. The Lich King is also greedy, but very effective for stall purposes.

Walking Fountain and Muckmorpher are both optional. I like the Muckmorpher for added consistency, and Walking Fountain because it’s removal and healing all in one, but you can cut them.

If you cut any of that, a second Ancestral Knowledge is a great idea. Second copies of Landslide and Serpentshrine Portal will improve your ability to stay alive, and Healing Wave (though, in my opinion, inferior to Healing Rain) is an option as well. Some lists use Runaway Blackwing as both a big body and as removal, and it’s an interesting idea. Personally, I believe that Walking Fountain’s healing and Windfury make it more useful- but my opinion is sometimes wrong, and the exact Big Shaman list is not yet pinned down. Experiment!