Celestial Giants List and Guide

Think big! BIGGER!


Dust cost: 9,440 Dust

At heart, this is an exceedingly simple deck that aims to play Celestial Alignment ASAP, then follow up with a board of Giants. I’ve chosen to only run 6 Giants, because realistically you only need three or four in play at once. These Giants are the easiest ones to cheapen to 0 mana, as Mountain Giants will nearly always be activated due to other cards in hand, Arcane Giant will literally ALWAYS be 0 mana after playing Celestial Alignment, and Sea Giant will be 0 as soon as you play other Giants, or if your opponent has minions in play.

If the Giants aren’t enough, you have Ultimate Infestation and Malfurion the Pestilent.

To survive the early game, you really only have Wrath and Swipe for removal, as well as the Oaken Summons package. Mulligans for Oaken Summons and Celestial Alignment should be your priority.

Loatheb can be played the same turn as your Giants to prevent the majority of removals. However, if you need to play him to survive (say Innervating/Coining him out Turn 4 against a Flamewaker Mage or the turn that you expect an important Spell such as Luna’s Pocket Galaxy or Call To Arms), do it.

You have a few options for switching out cards. Though I don’t recommend it, you can drop Vargoth from the Oaken Summons package or just drop the package entirely. If you do that, add in 2x Lightning Bloom, 2x Ferocious Howl, and a second copy of Wrath. You could try Bogbeam, but it’s pretty mediocre compared to Wrath. The Ferocious Howl is absolutely essential should you drop Oaken Summons.

If you drop Oaken Summons, drop the Marauders.

Malfurion is also optional, as is Loatheb. Loatheb is, however, one of the best cards in the deck, so if you can, keep him. He nearly guarantees the survival of your Giants.

Any cards you remove can be replaced with Lightning Blooms, Spreading Plagues, Ferocious Howls, or another pair of Giants. I wouldn’t add more than one more set of Giants, but both Clockwork Giant and Molten Giant are acceptable, though their activation isn’t guaranteed like the set I’ve chosen to include. Frost Giant is alright, but you don’t always Hero Power.

Branching Paths and Nourish are both playable, but honestly aren’t that good. They’re bailouts if you make the mistake of using Celestial Alignment against a slow opponent without Giants in hand, but… don’t make that fairly bad mistake, and you’ll be fine without them.