Corpsetaker Even Paladin

They’re all dead. All of them.

The whole idea of the deck is to have a crazy Turn 4 that involves either Call To Arms or Corpsetaker. Crystal Lion is also an acceptable option.

The thing with card substitutions for this list is that you have a lot of options. There is, post-Crabrider nerf, no widely accepted Even Paladin list.

You can cut Manafeeder Panthera, Spellbreaker, Air Raid, Annoy-O-Tron, or Blessing of Kings if you wish. You can probably double up on Manafeeder Panthera, Air Raid, or Annoy-O-Tron. You could try running a second Air Raid as well as Pursuit of Justice or Level Up!

Yeah, seriously I have no idea what’s optimal for this list. That’s simultaneously hilarious and very much feeling like a failure on my part.