Cube Warlock List and Overview

The player begged for mercy, but the advancing horde of Demons seemed unlikely to give it.

Deck code: AAEBAYkGCtwGwg/grAKX0wLo5wLb6QLwrAP0zgP44wPSoAQKjg7exALnywLy0AKL4QKdqQPrrAP9sAPEuQPnoAQA

Dust cost: 12,780 Dust

Cubelock is incredibly greedy, and this list leans away from that just a tad for consistency’s sake.

The second Enhanced Dreadlord, Hysteria, Baron Rivendare, Archwitch Willow, second Bad Luck Albatross and Valdris Felgorge can be removed- in that order,

You can use Spiritsinger Umbra, Tickatus, Faceless Manipulator, or Plot Twist as replacements.