Cutelock List and Overview

Aaaw… how adorable, cute lil buffed up guys are killing me!

Deck code: AAEBAYkGAo+CA/yjAw6zAc4HjRC8tgLiygLy0ALchgP9pAO1uQPXzgPP0QPV0QPQ4QON5wMA

Dust cost: 4,760

This is a cool deck, no way around it. Essentially, you want to throw all of your cheap minions on board, draw via Hand of Gul’Dan, Machlezzar’s Imp or The Soularium to get more, potentially discarding or destroying (with Grim Rally or Ritual of Doom) Boneweb Egg for more on board, and buffing up the board. Then you overwhelm your opponent early with a two or three turn lethal.

It folds to anything capable of early board clears, though.

One tip- hold back your 0-cost minions if you can’t have a popoff turn that turn. So many players who are just picking up the deck make the mistake of dumping hand asap, but seriously… you’re inviting a loss from even small AoE. Spirit Lash in particular is an end-it card.

You can’t drop The Soularium, but Zephyrs is THE worst card in the mulligan and played. He’s horrible drawn, too.

I really suggest dropping Zephyrs. You have a few replacement options- Murloc Tinyfin, Power Overwhelming, Tour Guide, Stonetusk Boar and Backfire are my personal favorites, in that order.

Murloc Tinyfin isn’t core, though- Hungry Crab is a tech that sees (very rare) play and is easy to snag off of Zephyrs. Renolock and Raza Priest are super strong and popular, so that Murloc won’t live long.

Other than Zephyrs, the deck is pretty locked down. Some (Target) dummies cut Wisp for Tinyfin- don’t. Seriously, it’s the same thing except it doesn’t have any hate cards against it.