Deathrattle Tempo Priest List and Overview

Bones litter the ground in this sea of death and corpses. The stench of rot and decay hangs in the air, as the dead rise and fight… over… and over… and over.

Deck code: AAEBAa0GAs6+A6GgBA6hBJIF9g76EdHBAvDPAqniAqH+AvOnA/2wA9fOA/vjA6HoA62KBAA=

Dust cost: 3,760

This deck is pretty dang awesome. It it, at heart, an Aggro deck, so you basically mulligan for a good curve and then play out the best Tempo in your hand.

Last month, DR Priest saw a lot of new play. I don’t know why, but, as with most inexplicable deck resurgences, I’m guessing a Youtuber or Twitch streamer did a video on it. Those lists have become the going list, but I think they’re worse than mine.

The main difference between mine and the going lists is my use of Resurrect over Psychopomp and dropping of Shadowbomber. To get the going list, drop Reliquary of Souls, Resurrect, Spirit Lash, and Loot Hoarder and add in 2x Shadowbomber, Baron Rivendare, 1x Holy Ripple, and 2x Psychopomp.

In the going lists, all of those bar Psychopomp are horrible in the mulligan and mediocre at best when drawn. Baron Rivendare is the only one that’s really good played, but he’s super slow.

Spirit Lash is awesome because it kills Leper Gnome, Kobold Sandtrooper, Dead Ringer, Loot Hoarder, and the summons from Twilight’s Call while damaging enemies and healing you. It’s just the best possible AoE for the deck.

Resurrect is slightly better than Psychopomp in my opinion. Even though it doesn’t give Reborn or come with a body, it’s faster and can be tutored or drawn via Shadow Visions or Thrive In the Shadows.

Shadowbomber is just bad. It’s bad in Aggro mirrors, it’s terrible to revive, and it’s just not good.

As for Loot Hoarder, it’s draw in an Aggro deck that has precious little. I experimented with Bloodmage Thalnos, but the extra point of attack is nicer than extra Spirit Lash healing.