Discolock without Pain- List and Overview

No Pain, no Gain… actually quite a bit of loss, half the deck has disappeared into thin air.


Dust cost: 3,240 Dust

A full guide is in progress for the deck (remember, readers, it’ll probably be a while, I’m a one person writing team and I write these for fun in my spare time!), but it comes down to building a good early game board and drawing cards via Discard synergies. Hand of Gul’dan is THE card that made Discolock work, and between your other draw (The Soularium, Machlezzar’s Imp, and Kobold Librarian), the deck is ridiculously speedy. I’ve had games where I hit Turn 7 and have two or three cards left in deck, or am already in fatigue, and that’s pretty expected.

The deck is really cheap already, but you can cut The Soularium for another Lakkari Felhound if you so choose. After the “buff” that makes Lakkari Felhound discard your lowest-cost cards instead of random ones, I feel like it’s worse in the deck, though. Usually you drop it in Aggro mirrors to stall (in which case you want to build a board next turn, and losing your cheap buggers doesn’t help) or to build a bigger Tiny Knight of EVIL, in which case you’d like to add in some draw from Gul’Hand, or a Golem on board, or get rid of an opposing minion that could kill the Knight with a Fist of Jaraxxus. Quite simply, it’s not greedy enough anymore, which is annoying.

That’s basically your only option to make the deck cheaper. You could try Kanrethad Ebonlocke in place of The Soularium, but he’s also an expensive card.

Don’t bother with Boneweb Egg. It’s great to discard with Wicked Whispers- not great otherwise. Lists that run it usually drop Fist of Jaraxxus, which… c’mon, that’s free reach.