Donate to Amiibo Doctor!

If you’ve enjoyed the content that Amiibo Doctor puts out, you might consider donating! All costs will go towards recouping the expenses of the site and Youtube channel, which run about $80 annually. If there’s donations left over, it will go to the wonderful Regular Contributors we have on this site, who have put in a tremendous amount of work. I don’t plan to be profiting off of this site.

The Amiibo Hospital

Donators will be given access to the private “Amiibo Hospital”, the Amiibo Doctor Discord server. All amiibo tournaments hosted by Amiibo Doctor will be exclusive to this server, so if you want your amiibo to be on the tournament livestreams, kick a buck!

If you donate, please take a screenshot of your donation confirmation screen to confirm that you donated. Please email those screenshots to, and we will respond with an invite link to the Amiibo Hospital. Donators who are already in regular communication with me on Discord must also email those screenshots for record-keeping purposes.

$5 donations will provide access to the Discord server + 1 amiibo submission to the streamed tournaments

$10 donations will provide access to the Discord server, and allow for 2 amiibo submissions to the streamed tournaments.

$20 monthly donations will provide access to the Discord server, allow for 2 amiibo submissions to the streamed tournaments, and allow for a 30-minute monthly amiibo coaching session over online Smash Ultimate play. Dates are subject to my personal schedule.

If you’re already in Amiibo Hospital and would like to make a custom emote, we have additional options! For $1, you can add 1 emote to the server. I ask that you please stay within these rules:

  • Don’t be NSFW – there are some younger people in Amiibo Hospital
  • Please have the image already compressed and ready-to-go
  • Give it some substance – a plain ol’ picture of your mother is a bit less substantive than one of your mother making a face