Even Mage List and Overview

Fire freezes as it washes over the board below, reflecting off the Mage’s dark eyes as she laughs. Giants and Dragons gather in the shadows just beyond the firelight, watching as the opponent desperately struggles to survive before crushing them under their giant feet.

Deck code: AAEBAf0EBM30Ave4A9jsA53uAw3QE9UT38QC3M0Czu8CrYcD+84D0OwD0+wD1uwD/Z4EwKAEwaAEAA==

Dust cost: 10,680 Dust

Every Epic and Legendary in there is essential except Dirty Rat. Dirty Rat may actually not be optimal, I just like it for Pirate Warrior and Waker Mage matchups. It’s also nice against Murloc Shaman and Odd Paladin- getting a payoff card or a good Battlecry pulled from hand and immediately destroyed is a pain.

My list differs from the “standard” list by including the Rats, Runed Orbs and Fireballs instead of Kodoriders, Ragnaros the Firelord, a second Starscryer and Escaped Manasabers. Frankly, I think the Manasabers are just a bad choice. They allow you to squeeze in an extra Hero Power when Garrison Commander or Coldarra Drake is up, but they’re fairly mediocre and are bottom 6 cards both in the mulligan and when drawn.

You can cut the Runed Orbs and Fireballs if you want (it makes Book of Specters more consistent to do so) to add in a second Starscryer and Ragnaros, and then the Kodoriders. I prefer the Fireballs to Kodoriders- they’re both basically reach anyways, Kodoriders are just a board instead of direct damage.