Even Shaman (Murloc version) List and Overview

Double the tribes, double the options

Deck code: AAEBAaoIBM30AvvOA8rjA6juAw2+BvAHshT7qgL2vQKLzgKU7wKw8AKMlAOdowPapQOR5AOz6AMA

Dust cost: 5,480 Dust

As with most Even decks, you’re going to Hero Power just about every turn you have an Odd amount of mana unless doing Coin shenanigans. However, Even Shaman often will Hero Power even outside of Odd mana turns, simply to build up a large board of Totems. This is followed by buffs (Totemic Might, Totemic Surge, Earthen Might, or Wriggling Horror) ending in (usually) a Splitting Axe turn. From there, you bash the opponent’s Health down to 0. Devolve and Murkspark Eel keep the opponent off the board, while Flametongue Totem and Totem Golem serve as more awesome Splitting Axe and buff spell targets. You can stall with Thing From Below if needed, and that’s pretty much the way you’ll play most games.

However, the Murloc package offers a few more options. First off, Ice Fishing is great for thinning your deck. When Manafeeder Panthera is your only real draw option, being able to thin the deck for better draws is great.

Of course, the thinner wouldn’t matter if you didn’t have good Murlocs… but you do! Crabrider, Firemancer Flurgl, and South Coast Chieftain offer removal or a little extra reach, while holding an Underbelly Angler along with another Murloc allows for refill in slower matchups.

You have a few replacement options. The deck is pretty cheap, and none of the Epics or Legendaries can be replaced without significantly weakening it (if you want to remove Genn… why are you using an Even deck anyways?), but there are two main changes you can make.

Your flex spots are the Manafeeder Panthera and Wriggling Horror. You can drop either for a second copy of the other.

Your other option is to drop both and add in 2 copies of Cagematch Custodian to draw into Splitting Axe more easily. Personally, I don’t think that’s needed in the Murloc list due to having more than one plan, but it’s always nice to have consistency.