Flamewaker Mage Decklist and Overview

About as typical as a Waker Mage gets.

Deck code: AAEBAf0EAsAB7vYCDqwB5gSWBeMRmMQCtPwCn5sD/50DwbgD4MwDheQD0OwD0ewD/J4EAA==

Dust cost: 4,640

The deck is extremely simple. Discount cards with Incanter’s Flow, bank mana with Biscuits, and draw in the early game. Drop your Flamewaker or two, play out half your deck while drawing constantly with Luna or your draw Spells, and kill the opponent. Even after the nerf to Refreshing Spring Water (which has made the card much worse, but it’s still stellar in the deck), Flamewaker Mage hasn’t fallen far from grace.

Obviously, it isn’t that simple, and I’ll be going over to particulars in the Waker Mage guide, but that’s the gist of playing the deck.

As far as card substitutions go, you don’t have many options. Stargazer Luna is critical to the deck, and Primordial Glyph is essentially 2 Flamewaker triggers that also allow more flexibility. Ice Block buys you one more turn with which to set up your combo, and Devolving Missiles is one of your only early game options to deal with buffed up minions or cheated out big minions.

If you absolutely must, Arcane Missiles will work in place of Devolving Missiles, but I highly recommend using Devolving Missiles.

Last, some players are recently experimenting with dropping Magic Trick or Missiles for 2 copies of Ancient Mysteries to get Ice Block out earlier (plus make it a 0 cost Spell if you can afford to hold it for your combo turn). I don’t recommend it, but it’s an interesting option for sure.