Granimals Druid List and Overview

Meet the Beasts


Dust cost: 6,960 Dust

There are a few replaceable cards here. First off, the Beast package can be changed to your preferences. You need at least 4 Beasts, including 2 Twilight Runners, but you can run any combination of Teacher’s Pets, Lake Threshers, and Witchwood Grizzlies you’d like.

Jade Idol is a backup plan. It’s a good one, but can be cut if you really want to.

Overgrowth and Lightning Bloom are also not essential. I’d suggest you keep Lightning Bloom, but if you cut any of those you can use Poison Seeds, Ysera, Unleashed, Alexstrasza the Life-Binder, Alexstrasza, Overflow, or either Yogg-Saron.