Handbuff Paladin Decklist and Overview

We’re gonna need a bigger buff.

Deck code: AAEBAZ8FBPoOgb0Ct+kC++gDDboTs7sC97wC99AC2f4C3f4ClaYDysEDlc0Dns0DkeQDzOsD4+sDAA==

Dust Cost: 7,920 (with Battle Pass, 6,320 due to the free Blademaster Samuro)

This list is both one of the strongest and most popular for Handbuff Paladin. After the release of Forged In the Barrens, the previously mediocre deck quickly rose to become a titan of the meta. The new cards Conviction, Knight of Anointment, and Blademaster Samuro gave the deck more reach, targeted draw (which will always draw cheap buffs), and a board clear, allowing it to hold up better against Aggro and more consistently close games. Combined with the buff to Glowstone Technician, along with the recently released First Day of School, Hand of Ad’al, Animated Broomstick and Crabrider, as well as strong handbuffs and reach cards from days long past, the deck very consistently drops large minions and pulls off incredible burst turns.

Note: after the nerf to First Day of School… it’s even better in the deck! More minions to handbuff, better chance of having playable ones… yeah.

As far as card replacements go, Conviction, Glowstone Technician, and Blademaster Samuro are all essential in the deck. Val’anyr, Loatheb, and Meanstreet Marshal are all very strong, but they can be replaced. If you have Leeroy Jenkins, he’s a decent replacement option for Val’anyr. Loatheb should be replaced by Cult Neophyte, end of story there. Meanstreet Marshal can be replaced by Cariel Roame, Lord Barov, Zilliax, or Cult Neophyte, but the early draw is pretty awesome. If you don’t have the Legendary replacements, Vicious Scalehide and Saronite Chain Gang are both options, but they’re pretty weak compared to the rest of the deck. Overlord Runthak is also an option and is free from the Core Set, but you aren’t going to have as strong a deck without at least Val’anyr and Meanstreet Marshal. Loatheb can be Band-Aid replaced with Cult Neophyte, but he’s very good in the deck and I can’t recommend playing the deck without him. He sees play in a variety of Wild decks, so he’s a safe craft anyways.

Unfortunately, you really don’t have good replacement options for the expensive cards other than other expensive cards. All viable lists for the deck cost at least 6,500 Dust- not bad for Wild, but not cheap if you’re new to Wild, in which case I recommend either Flamewaker or Secret Mage.