Hyperaggro Druid List and Overview

Lethal by Turn 3 isn’t just a pipe dream. It’s entirely doable.

Deck code: AAEBAZICApG8AozkAw7UBeYF5Qf7D+gVzbsC/acD+60D6bAD3MwD+cwDxtEDudID2Z8EAA==

Dust cost: 3,620 Dust

This deck is the epitome of aggression. Generally you want to drop a Pirate turn one, maybe alongside an Embiggen (new players often make the mistake of playing the Pirate before Embiggen- don’t, bigger Patches is better Patches), then use amazing AoE buff spells such as Mark of the Lotus or Power of the Wild to build a huge board, before finishing with Savage Roar or Arbor Up. Gibberling can build a board practically single-handedly, while Voracious Reader provides draw and Ship’s Cannon allows an AGGRO deck to have some board clearing ability.

This list is a little bit weird because it runs Ship’s Cannon and only one Arbor Up. You can cut the Cannons for another Arbor Up and your choice of Guess the Weight, Nebular Weblord or, if you really want anti-board clear insurance, Cult Neophyte. If you’re in a pocket meta where Neophyte is a serious consideration, you’re probably better served switching decks, though.

Sir Finley Mrrglton is an option as well, because Hunter, DH, or Warlock Hero Powers are nice. To be honest, I never thought he was essential, and currently he’s just kind of slow.