Jade Druid List and Overview

They searched for little green men on Mars, but the Druids were hiding them all along- and they weren’t little in the slightest.


Dust cost: 9,260 Dust

This list is the prototypical one, but you have a few card replacement options. If you’re looking for budget, unfortunately most of them involve Legendaries and Epics.

This list uses Yogg-Saron, Hope’s End as a hail Mary finisher. A lot of lists run the new Yogg-Saron, Master of Fate as well, but it’s even more volatile.

As far as cards you can remove go, you can take out Yogg (though he’s a pretty good pseudo-finisher), Swipe, or Solar Eclipse as you choose. You can use C’Thun, the Shattered (personally, I think there’s no real benefit to ruining your draws over an extra finisher, especially when Tickatus and Gnomeferatu would be happy to make sure you don’t get to use the finisher) or a second Lunar Eclipse in their place.

The rest of the Jade package is bad in the deck. You use Jade Blossom, mostly for ramp, and use one copy of Jade Idol mostly for slow games.

Other than that, you run the usual slow Druid stuff- Armor Gain, Spreading Plague, Oaken Summons package, and removals. Since you don’t care that much about the minions in this deck, Fungal Fortunes makes a great draw card.