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Introduction to the Amiibo Scene

What IS amiibo training, anyway?I’m new to amiibo training!… where do I begin?

I’m new to Spirits amiibo training!…what do I do?Amiibo FAQ for New Trainers

Doing amiibo on a dime, Alternate Amiibo informationSocial media accounts to follow

Technical Tutorials to get Your Amiibo to the Tournament

Competing with amiibo: the starter’s guide to Tagmo and Powersaves

How to Install Powersaves for amiibo – Explained Simply

Installing Tagmo – Explained Simply

How to use an iPhone to submit amiibo files – Explained Simply, No Jailbreak

Stagelists and Recommended Rulesets

Amiibo Doctor’s Recommended Stagelist & Ruleset

Tier Lists

Smash Ultimate Amiibo Tier List, Raid Boss amiibo tier list The CPU Tier List

What’s the deal with amiibo tier lists?A New Tier List and the Reasons Behind it

Amiibo Training Guides

Master List of Training Guides

Amiibo Science

 How to Give Your Amiibo a Brain Transplant, What could be possible with the Brain Transplant, and what we have done so far

RNGResearch bin repository, Trainer and Brain TransplantsCould the CPU Tier List give us an idea of the I variable?

Metagame Theory and Research

The Spirits Meta: A PrimerPowersaves vs. Arena Tournaments, Making a Meta,

“The Meta”Unnecessary Limitations, The Representation-Based Metagame

Amiibo Bin Editing: What’s the Issue?, Should edited amiibo be legal?

The Utility Formula

I C what I couldn’t C before…Defining and explaining the Utility formula, Adding Randomness to the Utility formula