Malygos Celestial Druid List and Overview


Deck code: AAEBAZICCrQD1hHguwLWmQPanQPmugOj0QPU6AO1igTanwQKQKDNAofOAp7SAoTmAr/yAo/2Aui6A8DsA66fBAA=

Dust cost: 12,660 Dust

I’ve chosen to feature Hijo’s April #1 Legend list, which stands out from the crowd because it still runs Kun the Forgotten King and Jepetto Joybuzz as backup plans. The idea of popping down Malygos, using Germination, and aiming damage at the enemy face has stayed the same, though.

Alternatively, you can cut Jepetto and Kun, and/or Emperor Thaurissan for a second Nourish, Injured Marauder, and/or a copy of Lunar Eclipse. Using a copy or two of Moonfire also seems viable, and these changes have the added bonus of cutting the deck cost down by nearly 5000 Dust.

If you cut Kun but not Jepetto, you’ll probably want Alexstrsza the Life-Binder. Even if you cut Jepetto, Alexstrasza the Life-Binder is just insanely good in a slow deck that sometimes needs a little extra reach.